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What is a URL Rotator?

It's simple, a rotator is a simple URL that when visited, directs the visitor to one of many different websites. This means you can simplify your promotion efforts by only promoting one url, but all your websites will receive hits. When you want to make a change to the sites you are promoting, you just change your TPM Rotator instead of every place you use to advertise your sites. Rotators are also a great way to split test (A-B test) your websites as they allow you to easily divide traffic between several URLs. Simply load all the different page options, split the traffic as required, and measure your results.

Our Unmatched Free Feature Set

Get Started Quickly

You'll be up and running in no time. Once you are signed up, you can create your first rotator in less than 5 minutes!

Unlimited Rotators

Create as many rotators as you want, our system doesn't limit you.

Unlimited Sites

Add as many sites as you want to all of your rotators, there is no limit.

Prioritize Sites

Ten levels of priority means you can fine tune how often each of your sites is shown relative to the others.

Build your downlines

Our downline builder is maintained by all our members and has over 500 programs and is growing everyday. Add your IDs to build your downlines in all these programs!

Enable/Disable Sites

You can totally disable URLs (so they do not show) but keep them configured in your rotator in case you want to re-enable them later.

Super fast servers

TPM Rotator was designed with performance in mind so your customers get to your sites faster. We can scale up our servers in an instant when the need arises.

Great commission for referrals

Get 25% commission on everyone you refer to TPM Rotator forever.


TPM Rotator keeps track of hits to your websites and rotators.


Secure Rotator Urls

We provide http and secure https rotator urls.


PRO members get even more features ($5 a month)

Everything Free

As a PRO member you'll have access to everything free members get and much more!

No advertisements

PRO members won't see any advertisements on their rotators or anywhere in the members area!

We advertise YOU!

Upload and create your own banner and text link ads, and then we'll advertise them for you!

Better commissions

PRO members enjoy 25% commissions on all referrals who upgrade.

Random Referrals and Commissions

PRO members will get random referrals assigned to them. If someone upgrades without a referral, we will assign that commission to a random PRO member.

Invisible Rotators

With our invisible rotators, no one will ever know you are using a rotator as they'll see your website url in their address bar.

Public stats pages

Your own public statistics display for each of your rotators. Show the public how many hits area going to each of the pages in your rotators.

Add your own downline programs

Belong to (or own) a site that is not currently in our downline builder? PRO members can add any program they want to be included in the downline builder of all members!

Auto Rotators

Rotator URLs that automatically rotate through and display all your sites without the visitor having to click on anything!

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Terms and Conditions of Membership

  • You may not use your rotator urls in any emails
  • You will not promote any sites with illegal content.
  • You will not promote any sites with adult content
  • You will not promote any sites that may be deemed offensive
  • You will not promote any sites with pop-ups
  • (Free members only) You will not promote sites that break frames
  • We have the right to ban any users or sites from our service
  • As a free member, you must log in to the site every 60 days or your rotators will be paused
  • As a free member, you must maintain an active email address or your rotators will be paused